Molecular Toxicology Services

Molecular toxicology approaches are used to design in vitro screens for common drug toxicities (e.g. organ-specific toxicity), identify safety biomarkers and to determine mechanisms of toxicity. Many of these approaches have been developed in the drug discovery industry and now have utility to the wider chemical safety sector.

We have a wealth of experience in Molecular Toxicology that is relevant for drug discovery, drug development and across the chemical safety sector:

  • Creation and review of in vitro screening and biomarker strategies for assessing drug-induced toxicities in major organ systems.
  • Design and assessment of investigative toxicology programmes for safety issues that occur during drug discovery and development.
  • Off-target safety assessments based on TSA reporting.
  • Specialist capability for identification of toxic mechanisms of candidate drugs and chemical products.
  • Access to a wide network of service providers for outsourced capabilities.
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