Phenotox TSA Reporting

Phenotox TSA process

Target-related toxicity

Target-related toxicity accounts for approximately half of drug failures due to safety reasons.  The target safety assessment (TSA) review enables the timely identification and management of target-related toxicity risks.

Why use the Phenotox TSA reporting service?

The Phenotox TSA is an expert toxicologist generated report. It is based on the principles of systematic review and interrogation of a comprehensive set of literature and bioinformatic data sources. This ensures unbiased, transparent evidence-based assessment of all relevant target evidence, some of which might be missed in a conventional target safety assessment review. Consequently, the Phenotox TSA provides optimal identification and mitigation of target-related toxicity risk.

TSA outsourcing to an experienced toxicologist preserves internal resource and maintains a high standard of this valuable drug discovery activity. The Phenotox TSA service regularly gets excellent customer feedback for report quality, timely delivery, and value pricing.

Key features

  • Based on extensive drug safety experience and knowledge
  • Comprehensive acquisition of target evidence
  • Scalable for target size and number
  • High quality and consistent interpretation of potential target-related toxicities
  • Key risks highlighted and mitigation plan
  • User friendly format and timely delivery
  • Applicable to safety target analysis at all stages of drug development and across chemical industry sectors
  • Competitive and fair pricing


  • Complete-TSA: in-depth assessment of the broadest possible target literature and informatics data sources to find evidence that conventional TSA reviews may miss.
  • Mini-TSA: an abbreviated assessment for initial target safety evaluation, using the same methodology as the Complete-TSA.
  • Profile-TSA: for rapid screening of safety issues of multiple targets, e.g. within a target family or drug asset portfolio.
  • Our TSA process is also easily adaptable to your company format.

Next steps

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