TSA Reports

Target-related toxicity accounts for approximately half of drug failures due to safety reasons.  The target safety assessment therefore forms an integral role in the toxicology programme by guiding the assessment and mitigation of target-related toxicities.

Our target safety assessment (Phenotox TSA) is expert toxicologist generated and based on the widest possible target data profile to provide optimal insight into potential target-related toxicities and their mitigation.

The Phenotox TSA can also be used for assessing off-target toxicities of candidate drugs and for molecular initiating events associated with adverse outcome pathways caused by agrochemicals, consumer health chemicals and cosmetics.

Advantages of the Phenotox Target Safety Assessment:

  • Based on the toxicological experience of 100s of drug targets across all major human therapeutic indications and extensive safety knowledge of small molecules, large molecules and novel modalities.
  • Systematic evidence-based assessment by the expert toxicologist of a large range of informatics data sources.
  • Optimal interpretation of potential target-related toxicity risks provided in the context of the modality and intended indication.
  • Formatted as a user-friendly industry-standard TSA report or customised to your specific requirements.  The TSA includes an experimental mitigation plan for identified toxicities.
  • Delivered to your time lines and competitively priced.